Experience that matters

Joan Hartmann

for Santa Barbara County Supervisor, 3rd District

Joan Hartmann served as Supervisor Doreen Farr’s Planning Commissioner for the Third District from 2012 – 2016.

During that time, she gained real insight to the challenges facing our County. Joan understands that the first job of local government is to make sure our residents and visitors are safe and secure.

This means more than maintaining high quality police and fire protection; it means ensuring that we have safe roads, reliable safe water, a healthy economy and a healthy environment.

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  • "On the issues, we know Hartmann will leave few stones unearthed to protect the Gaviota Coast, keeping it one of the most ridiculously beautiful spots on the planet...Her opponent is less specific about preserving the Gaviota Coast and definitely less informed about development issues.  We know Hartmann wants the job. We also know she’ll work like a fiend once she gets it. And we believe she’ll figure out a way to work well with her fellow supervisors — even those on the other side — once she’s there. We urge a vote for Joan Hartmann. "
  • "I applaud candidate Joan Hartmann’s efforts over more than a decade to keep Santa Barbara County a truly special place. Joan has had her hand in many community projects that will give us a better future."
    Charles Stauffer, Solvang
  • "I think it is important to have a supervisor who doesn’t shoot from the hip, but instead does her homework on each and every issue and impartially analyzes the facts."
    Joyce Howerton, former Lompoc Mayor
  • "Joan Hartmann is the only candidate running for Third District Supervisor I trust to protect the rural character and pristine beauty of Santa Barbara County, not just for current residents, but for our children, and our children's children.”   
    Karen Jones
    Former Candidate for 3rd District Supervisor
  • "The darling of the progressives."
    Andy Caldwell
    Executive Director, COLAB, SB News Press 6-9-2016
  • "Joan Hartmann is committed to working with us to protect the history and character of our communities, whether large or small, and to improving the safety or our neighborhoods and roads. Please join us in supporting Joan Hartmann for Supervisor."
    Carole & Jeffrey Bloom
    Los Alamos
  • "Joan gives voters  a clear choice. Her experience and voting record show that she'll continue to fight successfully for a reliable supply of safe water, protection of our neighborhoods, and a bustling economy."
    Richard Saunders
  • Joan Hartmann has done much for the Third District and I strongly support her for Supervisor
    Barbara Massey
  • "Joan will continue to be a champion for our community, our families and our beautiful Santa Barbara County. She will be a powerful voice on the Board of Supervisors to ensure our County's future is prosperous."
    Luz Reyes-Martin
    Goleta School Board Member
  • "I believe that Joan's experience in planning related issues and experiences in working in local communities and with local residents, will a great asset to our community of Guadalupe".
    Ariston Julian
    Guadalupe City Councilmember
  • "Joan Hartmann has a history of choosing jobs and working with organizations that contribute to making life healthier and safer for people."    
    Margaret Beebe
    Vandenberg Village