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A Conservative Supports Joan Hartmann - Ken O'Keefe, Los Olivos

I’m supporting Joan Hartmann for Santa Barbara County Third District supervisor because I trust she’ll support policy that grows our local economy without damaging the desirable rural character of Santa Barbara. The character I’m concerned with is that which draws all of us to live here and tourists to visit.

Joan has a record of supporting agriculture and responsible development while protecting the interests of Santa Barbara residents when those interests come in conflict with the desires of people who don’t live here.

Her opponent, on the other hand, aligns himself with the Central County Coalition(CCC) as an Executive Board member.  The Coalition was founded by a major Porter financial backer who writes Op Ed pieces and attends County meetings in furtherance of Coalition goals- namely, expansion of wedding, events & party tourism in residential and rural neighborhoods.

Specifically, the CCC and Porter’s surrogate have been front and center on pushing for expansion of short term rentals in rural neighborhoods.  They continue their efforts to block  reasonable restrictions that would prevent the most egregious and ridiculous “party house” operators from the negative impacts borne by residential and Ag zone neighbors.

Their influence has also negatively impacted progress toward finalizing needed changes to our winery ordinance.  I’m confident that like me, most of Santa Barbara embraces our expanding viticulture.  Santa Barbara’s continuing agricultural emphasis is an important attraction to both visitors and residents.

Unfortunately, “parties for profit” is mixed into the winery ordinance debate by Mr. Porter and his CCC backers.  The winery ordinance update isn’t just about updating the rules in support of agriculture or the making of wine. The debate has become about some vintners desire to expand into the entertainment business to include weddings, events, concerts, unrestricted numbers of visitors and traffic on inadequate rural roads and without consideration of impacts on local residents. .

I’m hopeful we all recognize more casino-like ventures, more party busses, more loud music on formally quiet evenings and more strangers invading our once close-knit neighborhoods is not the future that improves Santa Barbara. That’s why this conservative will vote for Joan Hartman.

Ken O’Keefe,
Los Olivos
(9/24/2016 Noozhawk)

Hartmann will get job done - Judith Dale, Buellton

The 3rd District is fortunate to have a candidate like Joan Hartmann running for county supervisor.

Joan has the experience, integrity, values and personality to serve the citizens of Santa Barbara County with respectful, insightful and principled leadership. She is not beholding to any one group or geographical area.

She has a balanced approach to development and the environment. She realizes there must be a healthy mix of residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial development for the county to prosper economically. Her experience on the county Planning Commission has given her the insight and knowledge to make good decisions for the whole county.

Joan’s history is one of unselfish community service. Her concern for others is reflected in her being involved in CASA — Court Appointed Special Advocate — for children, a CERT — Community Emergency Response Team — trainee and volunteer and involvement with many community committees and organizations.

Joan is a quietly dynamic person. She is not flashy, verbose or needing the lime-light — a refreshing contrast in today’s political climate.

She works hard and gets the job done. She is a good listener and is responsive to the people she serves. She is just what the 3rd District and the county needs — a person who listens, builds bridges, has leadership experience and puts the best interest of the county ahead of any one group or special interest.

I encourage you to vote in November and to vote for Joan Hartmann for 3rd District supervisor.

Judith Dale

Joan Hartmann is best for the Job - Jim Farnum, Los Olivos

Why Joan Hartmann for 3rd District county supervisor?

This November voters in the 3rd District, the county’s largest and most diverse, will elect a new supervisor to replace retiring Supervisor Doreen Farr.

Joan Hartmann has all of the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to replace her.

She has the knowledge, based on her many years in public policy work, the experience based on her work with public and private coalitions solving problems of water use, land-use and environmental issues, and the passion to propose creative solutions in the areas of mental health, public safety, urban growth boundaries and much more.

We sometimes forget that our citizens not living within a city boundary — and there are many of us in the 3rd District — rely on our county supervisor as the ombudsman for issues affecting us as mundane as a fallen tree and as crucial as mental-health services. Our supervisor’s office is often the first phone call we in unincorporated areas make when we have questions about land use, roadway safety or needed infrastructure improvements.

Joan Hartmann has committed to answer every phone call or email from her constituents within 24 hours. That is a commitment based on a passion to serve, a respect for citizens and an abiding belief in the necessity of good governance.

Doreen Farr has enthusiastically endorsed Joan to fill the seat she vacates. I and many others stand with her in that endorsement. Joan Hartmann is the real deal.

Jim Farnum
Los Olivos
Santa Maria Times 9/5/2016

Joan Hartmann a gracious leader - Sharyne Merritt, Buellton


A recent opinion piece by columnist David Brooks made me think of our upcoming election for county supervisor. His topic was how the experience of political candidates “distills life into instinct.” He contrasted two approaches.

One approach is: “If you interpret your life as a battlefield, then you will want to maintain control at all times. You will hoard access. …You will close yourself off to those who can help.”

The second is the “gracious leader”: “If you treat the world as a friendly and hopeful place, as a web of relationships, you’ll look for the good news in people and not the bad. …Gracious leaders create a more gracious environment by greeting the world openly and so end up maximizing their influence and effectiveness.”

Candidate for 3rd District Santa Barbara County Supervisor, Joan Hartmann, is clearly a “gracious leader.” Her experience of successfully working with Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project, Buellton is Our Town, and the county Planning Commission highlighted her collaborative decision-making style. Joan brings together individuals and groups with divergent needs and works with them to get things done. People appreciate her honesty, and her willingness to listen, learn and find common ground.

I am actively supporting Joan Hartmann for 3rd District Supervisor because her lifetime of public service has demonstrated the character and leadership needed to work with ALL residents and to meet our district’s and our county’s challenges.

Sharyne Merritt
Lompoc Record 9/1/2016

Hartmann has knowledge and passion to achieve major goals - Matthew Santos, UCSB

Joan is an experienced public servant of this county who has the knowledge and passion to achieve major goals.

Particularly, her ability and desire to be engaged with the residents of Isla Vista make her the ideal candidate to represent all members of her constituency.

A vote for Joan Hartmann is a vote for a down-to-earth, responsible, and dedicated leader who will fight for our needs as a community, both in Isla Vista and in Santa Barbara.

Matthew Santos
ASUCSB Office of the External Vice President of Statewide Affairs

Hartmann is water-wise - Meg West, Goleta

Water is the most important issue facing Santa Barbara County. Drought conditions are likely to continue. We can’t count on large quantities of imported water and our groundwater basins throughout the county are being drawn down. One candidate for 3rd District supervisor, Joan Hartmann, has spent her entire professional career addressing water issues.

I met Joan shortly after the decided to run for supervisor. She wanted to talk about water. As a landscape architect and Goleta Water District Board member, I spend a great deal of time discussing this important subject with people all over the county. I learned about Joan’s work creating partnerships among government, business, scientists and nonprofits to restore rivers, streams and wetlands. She understands the importance of the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) to encourage county-wide cooperation across water agencies (flood control, wastewater, drinking water)to improve the quality and quantity of water resources. She has the experience to bring the key parties together for better water management.

Joan Hartmann is the only candidate who has put locally produced water supplies at the center of her campaign. If you are concerned about water, vote for Joan Hartmann for 3rd District supervisor.

Meg West

Hartmann Thoughtful Leader - Cameron Schunk, Isla Vista

When I first met Joan during her time on the SB County Planning Commission, I was struck by her thoughtful nature and her willingness to truly listen to her constituents. At the time, Joan stepped in to slow a potential development project in Isla Vista because she respected and valued the  feedback she received from community members who sought a more inclusive design and review process.

Now, as Isla Vista moves closer to self governance through the Isla Vista Community Services District, it is crucial that we have a Supervisor in the Third District who is willing to advocate for the unique needs of our community. While Joan’s strong advocacy on Isla Vista’s behalf has already proven effective and beneficial, I believe her background  representing the Third District as a whole will prove to be her most valuable asset.

As a  current resident of the Santa Ynez valley and previous Third District Appointee for the SB County Planning Commission, Joan has been cultivating deep connections with a broad range of constituents, meaning that she can help bridge the gap in political engagement and reach necessary compromises between her constituency in Isla Vista and the rest of Santa Barbara County.

I am proud to stand behind Joan Hartmann, and am excited for the great work I know she will do throughout the Third District!

Cameron Schunk
Isla Vista Self Governance Initiative

Hartmann for Supervisor - Ed N. Edalatpour, MD, Buellton

This is a letter supporting the candidacy for election of Joan Hartmann to the Board of Supervisors of Santa Barbara County.

I have had the pleasure of knowing her for several years, and have found her bright and cheerful, polite and well-spoken, considerate and helpful and loyal in friendship.

She is thoughtful and involved in the civic affairs of the folks of this community and county, and is tenacious and energetic and thrives on her involvements.

She studies her subjects of interest well, learns the related backgrounds, and expresses her views pertinently well. I believe and value her honest integrity and her good and likable character.

Joan Hartmann is already a local asset and would work for the betterment of the wider community.

Ed N. Edalatpour, MD
March 17, 2016 – Santa Maria Times

Whole heartedly endorse Hartmann for Supervisor - Ashcon Minoiefar, Isla Vista

As an activist in Isla Vista, I believe Joan Hartman is very qualified and has shown great initiative in reaching out to IV resident over the past few months. I whole heartedly endorse Joan Hartman for 3rd District Supervisor.

Ashcon Minoiefar
Isla Vista

Hartmann is top choice - Sherry and Art Hibbits, Lompoc

What’s going on in politics these days? Watching the debates we are reminded of a quote from Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” “To morrow … tomorrow … it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

The trend is loud, rude, angry, disrespectful, dishonest, egotistical, name-calling, know-it-all, self-appointed experts, making promises, promises and more promises.

In the Santa Barbara County 3rd District election we have three candidates running who are again promising to fix everything. But there is good news. Joan Hartmann is a quiet, thoughtful, experienced planning commissioner and community contributor, for many years.

Joan served as 3rd District planning commissioner for three years where she was known for her attention to detail and well-thought-out land-use decisions. She was a leader in Buellton’s successful urban growth boundary campaign, and advised on Goleta’s successful Measure G.

She is totally independent, completely honest and dedicated to promoting economic growth and good jobs, while protecting our communities’ beauty and quality of life, and protecting our county’s agricultural lands and related resources.

It comes down to an easy choice — known experience, honesty and many years of outstanding public service. Please vote for Joan Hartmann in June.

Sherry and Art Hibbits
March 15, 2016 / Santa Maria Times

Hartmann is a leader - Larry Bishop, Buellton

Do you want to see your community thrive and lead the way toward economic, social and environmental stability? Vote for Joan Hartmann for 3rd District supervisor.

I was so happy to see Joan running for the seat. We’ve worked together for years to improve the Buellton community, primarily through the Buellton visioning process. Our group of dedicated Buellton citizens specifically put together and promoted the Environmental Sustainability component of the current Buellton Visioning Plan. Joan kept us together and focused on the essential environmental improvements we wanted to see in our city.

Our group fought over the river trail element, but Joan smoothed ruffled feathers and worked out a compromise acceptable to trail lovers and the farmers involved. I’ve watch Joan bring people together, repeatedly, both in Buellton and on the county Planning Commission, to promote environmental progress. Her detailed knowledge of regulations and planning and development issues is amazing.

Joan is a great person to work with and the 3rd District would be fortunate to have her as their new supervisor.

Larry Bishop
March 10, 2016

Supporting Joan Hartmann - Chris Brooks, Vandenberg Village

The 3rd District is very fortunate that past county Planning Commissioner Joan Hartmann is running for supervisor. During her three-year tenure on the Planning Commission, Hartmann worked collaboratively with county staff and the residents of the 3rd District.

As Planning Commissioner, Hartmann learned about the needs of the varied geographical areas the county’s largest district, which covers such diverse communities as Vandenberg Village, Mission Hills, Mesa Oaks, Guadalupe, the Gaviota Coast, the Santa Ynez Valley, and Isla Vista. In making countless site visits throughout the county, she experienced these communities first-hand.

A few weeks ago, Hartmann spent a day in Vandenberg Village, visiting our Community Service District, VAFB, and the Cabrillo Aquarium and attending a Vandenberg Village Association meeting. She now better understands what makes our area very special and what residents here expect of our representative on the Board of Supervisors. Just as she worked to strengthen her own community of Buellton by successfully crafting and promoting the “Buellton Is Our Town” ballot measure, she will help other unincorporated areas be fully represented on the board.

Hartmann will be a full time supervisor who will put in the time and effort and has the interpersonal skills to represent our area effectively. I encourage other Village people to support Joan Hartmann.

Chris Brooks
Vandenberg Village
March 9, 2016

Hartmann qualities lauded - Mike Adriansen, Buellton

I am writing to encourage you to vote for Joan Hartmann for 3rd District Supervisor in the June election. I have had the pleasure of working with Joan while she served on our homeowners association board of directors as treasurer.

While treasurer, Joan was responsible for establishing the annual budget, as well as working with the financial committee in the preparation of the reserve study, a document which assures that the community establishes financial reserves to meet all future monetary obligations.

During her tenure on our board, she repeatedly demonstrated the ability to analyze problems quickly, and craft solutions that were well reasoned and thoughtfully presented.

I also know Joan to be a person with a great love for the outdoors, and all its beauty. She has a heart for all God’s creatures, witnessed by the collection of rescue animals that she and husband Jim share their home with. As an example, when she learned that bee colonies were dying in nature, she promptly studied up and established a hive in her own back yard to try and help.

Joan lives in a semi rural area, and consequently understands the issues that both agricultural and urban neighborhoods face. She helped the residents of Buellton craft an ordinance establishing urban growth boundaries, assuring orderly, managed growth in the city of Buellton for years to come, and saving surrounding agricultural land from urban pressures.

Joan’s many years of experience serving with nonprofit organizations, serving in academic environments, and serving in governmental environments both nationally and locally makes her the best qualified candidate for 3rd District supervisor.

Mike Adriansen
March 3, 2016 – Santa Maria Times

Porter Plagiarized tribe plan? - Sharyne Merritt, Buellton

As a former professor at Cal Poly Pomona College of Business Administration, I was shocked to read Bruce Porter’s commentary, “Tribal needs, moving forward.”

Not that I disapprove of the idea of using the triangle property for the tribe’s 143 houses. On the contrary, I whole-heartedly approve.

But I was shocked to see Porter state this idea as though it were his own. In fact, the idea was introduced at the Feb, 11 ad hoc county/Chumash meeting by Joan Hartman, and supported by local residents Robert Field and C.J. Jackson.

In the academic world, when someone publishes an idea that was first introduced by someone else, they give that person credit. If they don’t, it would be called plagiarism.

Sharyne Merritt

Porter taking credit is a discredit - Mike Brady, Los Olivos

The proposal to allow the tribe to build 143 houses next to the town of Santa Ynez on the triangle property was first floated at the Feb. 11 tribe/county negotiations by Joan Hartman. I was there and heard both Hartman and Bruce Porter speak.

Now, after several weeks have passed, why couldn’t Porter simply say he supports a good idea? Porter’s grab for authorship politicizes a proposal that merits full consideration.

Old-style politics of taking credit where none is due damages the chance to make this proposal work.

It also calls into question Bruce’s integrity. If he believes in the oath he took as a cadet at West Point, he should correct himself.

Mike Brady
Los Olivos

Hartmann's experience counts - Eileen Preston, Buellton

The heart of local government is about land use and no one is better qualified to represent the Santa Barbara County 3rd District than Joan Hartmann. I have known Joan for eight years. She is wise, thoughtful and a good listener.

Joan has served as a member of the county’s Planning Commission since 2012, where she worked to protect the Gaviota Coast. Previously, she spearheaded the first voter-approved Urban Growth Boundary Initiative in Buellton and was an advisor on a similar initiative adopted in Goleta. Both initiatives will allow voters to decide whether urban development should expand to agricultural land.

As a former member of the board of trustees in the Buellton Union School District, I believe elected officials should work for its residents. I believe Joan Hartmann will work tirelessly for the citizens of Santa Barbara County by making good choices and ensuring government works for those it represents.

Eileen Preston
March 3, 2016 / Santa Maria Times

Hartmann a true leader - Dave Davis, Santa Barbara

I have attended many public meetings in my long career in government and as a community leader. Chairing public meetings takes a deft touch.

One of the best I have ever witnessed at chairing a public meeting is Joan Hartmann as the chair of the county Planning Commission. She had not been in the role long, but she was very adept at listening, really listening to public speakers.

During deliberations, she encouraged discussion — not just pontifications — among her fellow commissioners. She demonstrated great skill in bringing fellow commissioners along to support her positions. And where she truly excelled was asking staff hard questions, questions they sometimes could not answer.

On occasion, she had to overcome staff inertia and resistance. Instead of allowing staff to spoon-feed the commission a conclusion, she insisted staff present actual options for the decision makers to consider. She had to do her homework and was ready and able to challenge questionable statements while maintaining an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

If you want truly capable leader, vote for Joan Hartmann for 3rd District supervisor.

Dave Davis
Santa Barbara
March 2, 2016 / Santa Maria Times

Casting vote for Hartmann - Seth Steiner, Los Alamos

We attended a town hall meeting for Bruce Porter, campaigning for the 3rd District county supervisor position. His introduction by a friend and supporter was glowing.

This was my first chance to meet the candidate. He sounded intelligent, competent and confident.

Since then I’ve had the opportunity to meet Joan Hartmann, campaigning for the same board seat position. All questions were answered fully and without delay.

Equally important to us in choosing a supervisor is that he or she be willing to represent us full-time. Being supervisor is a big responsibility, with total compensation of about $105,000 a year. Hartmann would be a full-time representative.

Joan Hartmann has unmatched experience. She’s lived in our county for 18 years and has served as our district’s planning commissioner since 2012. Working in the policy and budget offices, she has proven herself to be concerned with and knowledgeable about issues that we all care about. She’s responsive, thoughtful and gives consideration to the full range of voices and interests.

She has my vote.

Seth Steiner
Los Alamos
Feb 25, 2016

My Mom, Joan Hartmann - Joanna Powell, Buellton

You should vote for my mom, Joan Hartmann, for 3rd District County Supervisor.

I could write at length about why she’s an extraordinary mother — the boundless love, support, and inspiration she’s provided me. But, of course, Joan’s not running to be your mom; she’s running to be your Supervisor.

She’ll be extraordinary at that, too.

I know because I spent the past several days on her campaign trail. Here’s what I learned.

My mom’s work ethic is astounding. Her days begin before seven o’clock and end after nine, and in between she leads meetings, speaks on panels, talks with residents, and more. Serving as supervisor won’t be her job; it will be her way of life.

The scope of her county knowledge — from I.V.’s animal shelters, to Guadalupe’s history, to the structure of local government — is striking. This makes sense, given the time she’s spent talking with county residents and her three years as planning commissioner.

Her leadership also blew me away. I heard her give impassioned speeches to large crowds that moved me to tears, and inspire smaller groups with her creative, yet pragmatic, solutions to their problems.

Finally, though this came as no surprise, I was impressed by my mom’s respect for others. Every student we met, my mom asked their major. Every dog we encountered, my mom gave a pet. Every volunteer, my mom knew, hugged, and thanked. In every context, Joan is compassionate and selfless.

That’s not politics. That’s just my mom, Joan.

Joanna Powell
May 26, 2016/ The Independent

Joan Hartmann is for Clean, Green Energy Jobs and Not Oil - Lee Heller, Summerland

Two years ago, tens of thousands of outside money were funneled into the 2nd Supervisorial District from non-Santa Barbara County-based oil companies, hoping to buy the seat and thus control the decisions of the Board of Supervisors.  The voters rejected their candidate by a 13%  margin.

 Now we are seeing a similar effort in the 3d District, in support of Bruce Porter.  An oil company-funded PAC led by Bakersfield based Vaquero Energy is putting $60,000 towards Porter. He may claim that he knows nothing about it, but he HAS expressed support for oil trucks to transport oil, which would mean 200+ trips daily through neighborhoods and on our region’s already dangerous roads. He has also asserted that his school district was hurt by lost revenue after the Refugio spill — ignoring the fact that the oil company responsible for the spill has to pay back any damages that might accrue.

I support the candidate who understands the real jobs potential behind clean, green energy.  It’s about solar and wind, not about oil, these days.  The solar economy is growing 12 times faster than the overall economy, and wind is growing along with it.  Those are the jobs we need in Santa Barbara County, and Joan Hartmann, Third District Planning Commissioner who has been overseeing energy projects for years, will put our County’s interests first, through economic growth that is also environmentally sound.

Lee Heller
May 27, 2016/ Noozhawk

Joan Hartmann Understands the 3rd District - Peggy Brierton, Buellton

I’m supporting Joan Hartmann for 3rd District supervisor because she understands what 3rd District residents want and has a record of standing up with us.

Not long ago, the Buellton City Council was discussing a sphere of influence study (SOI) that would’ve been an expansion plan designating the probable physical boundary and service area for Buellton. Joan stood up with the many residents in opposition to the SOI knowing it was the beginning of sprawl and destruction of surrounding agriculture. Others, including Bruce Porter, publicly supported the study.

In a close vote, the council decided not to pursue the study. However, Joan realized it would come up again and she helped organize Buellton is Our Town to develop a ballot initiative requiring voters’ approval of any proposed development beyond Buellton’s boundaries. Seventy percent of the voters approved the measure.

With Joan’s invaluable contribution to this collaborative effort, Buellton today is enjoying the rewards of growth within, rather than sprawling out. The initiative worked as it was intended. Through smart use of our resources Buellton is prospering without the expense of extending water, sanitation, and public safety service far and beyond. Vacant lots are being developed and we have preserved valuable agricultural lands around our borders.

We need Joan’s practical and skillful talents representing the 3rd District on the Board of Supervisors.

Peggy Brierton
June 1, 2016/ Santa Maria Sun

Joan Hartmann Stands Out - Judith Dale, Buellton

For the first time in years, the 3rd District has good candidates for supervisor. However, for a number of reasons, Joan Hartmann stands out above the rest.

Work ethic: Joan has proven by her past community involvement that she will spend the time and effort necessary to study the issues, meet with her constituents, and look at all sides of issues in order to make informed, common-sense decisions.

Balanced approach: Joan is the perfect candidate in a time when many civic leaders are polarized or always vote “the party line.” Joan will do the research and vote for what is best for the 3rd District and all of Santa Barbara County. She will carefully analyze facts and make informed, common sense decisions on issues such as growth, the environment, administrative costs, services to citizens, and the roles that agriculture, oil, tourism, and commerce play in the quality of life and economic vitality of the county.

Experience: Joan has the experience to both lead the county through the maze of state and federal regulations and bureaucracy as well as obtain the maximum financial support from each. As a former county planning commissioner, she knows the history and issues of 3rd District and the county as a whole. It will take any other candidate months, if not years, to get this insight and education.

In summary, Joan Hartmann is an excellent choice for the 3rd District. Her dedication, intelligence, personality, and balanced approach to issues will serve us well.

Judith Dale – Former Mayor and City Council Member
May 11, 2016/ Santa Maria Sun

Knowing Joan Hartmann - Jim Powell, Buellton

Many letters have supported Joan Hartmann, candidate for 3rd District supervisor. As her husband, it’s my turn.

Joan’s life has been marked by hard work, selfless service, and innovation. Professionally, she helped found the Public Policy Institute at Claremont Graduate School and established Oberlin College’s Environmental Studies Program. While an editor her law school journal, she introduced computers and added the Ninth Circuit Review.

Working for the federal government, Joan created “rulemaking by stakeholders,” which lowered pollution from offshore oil rigs. She also invented a method to protect public health while reducing industry cleanup costs.

Joan founded the Wetlands Recovery Project, which raised more than $650 million to restore Southern California rivers and wetlands.

Locally, when the City Council proposed expanding Buellton six-fold, Joan inspired Buellton’s urban growth boundary measure, which passed by 70 percent. Now Buellton voters determine its size.

Joan has served the last three years as planning commissioner, consistently voting to preserve the character of our beautiful county.

In her personal life, she has been a wonderful mother and wife, won a marathon, ridden endurance races, cared for a bevy of dogs, cats, and horses, and advocated for abused and neglected foster children.

I admit my endorsement is biased, but “if it’s true, it ain’t bragging.” Joan’s 100 percent commitment as supervisor will mean I see her less and fend for myself and the animals more. But knowing the experience and energy she will bring as supervisor, I’m voting for Joan. If you knew her as I do, I believe you would too.

Jim Powell
May 18, 2016/ Santa Maria Sun