Endorsements / Testimonials

The following individuals and organizations have endorsed Joan Hartmann for Supervisor for the 3rd District of Santa Barbara County.

We invite you to add your support to this list. Please let us know your name and message.


  • Supervisor Doreen Farr
  • Supervisor Salud Carbajal
  • Supervisor Janet Wolf
  • Buellton City Councilmember Leo Elovitz
  • Goleta Mayor Jim Farr
  • Goleta City Councilmember Paula Perotte
  • Guadalupe City Councilmember Ariston Julian
  • Congresswoman Lois Capps
  • State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson
  • Assemblymember Das Williams
  • Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider
  • Santa Barbara City Councilmember Jason Dominguez
  • Santa Barbara City Councilmember Gregg Hart
  • Santa Barbara City Councilmember Cathy Murillo
  • Santa Barbara City Councilmember Bendy White
  • Santa Barbara School Board Member Monique Limón
  • Goleta School Board Member Yvonne DeGraw
  • Goleta School Board Member Susan Epstein
  • Goleta School Board Member Richard Mayer
  • Goleta School Board Member Luz Reyes-Martin
  • Goleta Water Board Member Lauren Hanson
  • Goleta Water Board Member Bill Rosen
  • Goleta Water Board Member Meg West
  • Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District Director Ethan Bertrand
  • Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District Director Dave Hubbard
  • Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District Director Jacob Lebell
  • Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District Director Pegeen Soutar
  • Santa Barbara City College Trustee Jonathan Abboud
  • Santa Barbara City College Trustee & former Mayor Marty Blum
  • Vandenberg Village Community Services District Director Charles Blair
  • Vandenberg Village Community Services District Director Christopher Brooks
  • Carpinteria City Councilmember Fred Shaw
  • Pismo Beach City Councilmember & CA Coastal Commissioner Erik Howell
  • ASUCSB Office of the External Vice President of Statewide Affairs Mohsin Mirza
  • ASUCSB Office of the External Vice President of Statewide Affairs Matthew Santos
  • AUSCSB AS Internal Vice President Natalie Johnson
  • Resident Halls Association President Michelle Macrohon
  • Former County Supervisor Gail Marshall
  • Former County Supervisor Susan Rose
  • Former Buellton Councilmember Judith Dale
  • Former Goleta City Councilmember & Mayor Cynthia Brock
  • Former Goleta City Councilmember & founding Mayor Margaret Connell
  • Former Santa Barbara Mayor Sheila Lodge


  • Santa Barbara County Firefighters Local 2046
  • Democratic Party of Santa Barbara County
  • Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County
  • CAUSE Action Fund
  • Planned Parenthood Central Coast Action Fund


  • Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee
  • Sierra Club
  • Tri-Counties Building & Construction Trades Council
  • Tri-Counties Central Labor Council


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  • Esther Aguilera
  • Dennis Allen & Jennifer Cushnie
  • Thea Altman
  • Mike Adriansen
  • Rebecca August
  • Margaret W. Beebe
  • Irv Bieman
  • Janet Blevins
  • Vicky Blum & David Lebell
  • Kit & Beverly Boise-Cossart
  • Barbara Bolton
  • EJ Borah
  • Farfalla Borah
  • Tina Boradiansky
  • Chuck & Peggy Brierton
  • Chris & Marell Brooks
  • Janice Bybee
  • Otis Calef
  • Laura Capps
  • Darlene & Savelly Chirman
  • Marc Chytilo
  • Ian Cummings
    Peter & Paulina Conn
  • Michael & Marni Cooney
  • Jennifer Cooper
  • Adrianne Davis
  • Susan & Jim Deacon
  • Julia Di Sieno
  • Joe & Jan Dugan
  • Lansing Duncan & Patricia Hedrick
  • Mary Jane & Ed Edalatpour
  • Darcel Elliott
  • Anita Elovitz
  • Vivian Engel
  • Elijah Ettenger
  • Fran Farina
  • Jim & Elizabeth Farnum
  • Alexander Rush Favacho
  • Grace Feldmann
  • Dick & Mickey Flacks
  • Steve Forsell
  • Bonnie Freeman
  • Eric & Julie Friedman
  • Carla Frisk & Jeffrey Newton
  • Alan Ghitterman & Susan Rose
  • Alice Gillaroo & Susan Jorgensen
  • Gail E. Gillies
  • Ann & Rob Glasgow
  • Ron & Diane Griffin
  • Christopher Hahn
  • Bob Handy
  • Lee Heller
  • Sally Hearon
  • Art & Sherry Hibbits
  • Roger & Priscilla Higgins
  • Rosemary Holmes
  • John Hooten
  • Peggy Jo Love House
  • Lianne Hutton
  • Cheri Jasinski
  • Carol Keator
  • Charles D. Kimbell
  • Paula Kislak, DVM
  • Linda Krop
  • Daraka Larimore Hall
  • Carlos López
  • Michael & Sheila Lunsford
  • Jim & Charlotte MacMillan
  • Rocky Marshall
  • Barbara Massey
  • Phil McKenna
  • LeeAnne Meinhold-Keese & Bill Keese
  • Lia Millar
  • Ashcon Minoiefar
  • Sharyne Merritt
  • Gene Miller
  • Susan Miller & Peter Claydon
  • Ashcon Minoiefar
  • Chiji Ochiagha
  • Mary O’Gorman
  • Mark & Donna Oliver
  • Valerie F. Olson
  • Harriett Phillips
  • Ilene Pickle
  • Marjorie Popper & John Evarts
  • Joanna Powell
  • Jim Powell
  • Eileen & Mark Preston
  • Russell & Barbara Radom
  • Mary Rose
  • Richard Rosen
  • Cerene St. John
  • Hector Sanchez
  • Beth Schneider
  • Cameron Schunk
  • Jean Schuyler
  • Marian Shapiro
  • Lynne Shaw
  • Bill & Arliene Shelor
  • Kathy Snow
  • Gary Smith
  • Teresa Smith
  • Richard Solomon
  • Cheryl Stagg
  • Charles & Cheryl Stauffer
  • Judi Stauffer
  • John Steed
  • Jack & Judy Stapelmann
  • Mary P. Stoddard
  • Matt Stoecker
  • Gail Teton-Landis
  • Susan Tova
  • Sally Warner-Arnett
  • Robert E. Weiss & Paula J. Weiss
  • Richard Whited
  • Charles & Robin Wilkins
  • Patrick & Donna Will
  • Bob & Fadumo Wignot
  • JoAnna Wogulis
  • Harvey Wolf
  • Christopher Wrather
  • R.W. (Hap) Ziegler
  • Jana Zimmer

(partial list, titles for identification purposes only)


  • "On the issues, we know Hartmann will leave few stones unearthed to protect the Gaviota Coast, keeping it one of the most ridiculously beautiful spots on the planet...Her opponent is less specific about preserving the Gaviota Coast and definitely less informed about development issues.  We know Hartmann wants the job. We also know she’ll work like a fiend once she gets it. And we believe she’ll figure out a way to work well with her fellow supervisors — even those on the other side — once she’s there. We urge a vote for Joan Hartmann. "
  • "Joan gives voters  a clear choice. Her experience and voting record show that she'll continue to fight successfully for a reliable supply of safe water, protection of our neighborhoods, and a bustling economy."
    Richard Saunders
  • "I applaud candidate Joan Hartmann’s efforts over more than a decade to keep Santa Barbara County a truly special place. Joan has had her hand in many community projects that will give us a better future."
    Charles Stauffer, Solvang
  • "I think it is important to have a supervisor who doesn’t shoot from the hip, but instead does her homework on each and every issue and impartially analyzes the facts."
    Joyce Howerton, former Lompoc Mayor
  • "Joan Hartmann is the only candidate running for Third District Supervisor I trust to protect the rural character and pristine beauty of Santa Barbara County, not just for current residents, but for our children, and our children's children.”   
    Karen Jones
    Former Candidate for 3rd District Supervisor
  • Joan Hartmann has done much for the Third District and I strongly support her for Supervisor
    Barbara Massey
  • "Joan will continue to be a champion for our community, our families and our beautiful Santa Barbara County. She will be a powerful voice on the Board of Supervisors to ensure our County's future is prosperous."
    Luz Reyes-Martin
    Goleta School Board Member
  • "I believe that Joan's experience in planning related issues and experiences in working in local communities and with local residents, will a great asset to our community of Guadalupe".
    Ariston Julian
    Guadalupe City Councilmember
  • "Joan Hartmann has a history of choosing jobs and working with organizations that contribute to making life healthier and safer for people."    
    Margaret Beebe
    Vandenberg Village
  • Taking a break from fixing irrigation at my farm, I read a commentary by David Brooks, one of my favorite conservative essayists. He was describing the five basic character / leadership traits he sought in a candidate — superior integrity, a sense of basic humanity, a sound decision-making process, grace under pressure, and a resilient sense of optimism. Not only did I agree with Brooks, I realized he was describing one of the candidates for 3rd District supervisor — Joan Hartmann. I know Joan from observing her at the Planning Commission — sometimes while I was representing the County Ag Advisory Committee — and speaking with her in person about a variety of local issues. I am actively supporting Joan Hartmann for 3rd District supervisor because she has the character and leadership skills to represent all residents of the district and will be a thoughtful, responsive, good decision maker.  
    Sharyne Merritt
  • "I care deeply about collaborative decision making. I have spent my adult life working with others in this way because it draws the best from them and creates the most lasting impact. When we engage each other as equals, we learn and grow and become better citizens. This is democracy in action. Though it can be messy at times, history proves it results in better decisions and a more stable organization or government in the long run. I have worked closely with Joan Hartmann over the past decade on a variety of community projects. She, too, has spent her entire career bringing people together to work collaboratively and productively. She is one of the best I have seen at this, which is why she has my vote and wholehearted endorsement. I hope you will join me in voting for Joan Hartmann for 3rd District Supervisor."
    Judi Stauffer
  • "I first knew Joan Hartmann socially - a kind and generous person, easy to laugh and with a sunny disposition. When I worked alongside of Joan during the campaign to qualify Buellton's Urban Growth Boundary initiative for the ballot, I discovered a lot more. Joan is a listener first, be it opponent or cohort. She has a work ethic to match a team of Clydesdales, and an intellect capable of consuming reams of data and distilling it quickly from gibberish to the germane. She's a born leader in her ability to recognize people's strengths and directing them to tasks that they do well. And she's a model of ethical conduct, bringing the highest integrity to everything she does; something that is uncommon in this day of misspeaks and signing statements. If you want someone who wants the best for the 3rd District, someone who plays smart, plays hard, and plays fair, a vote for Joan Hartmann for 3rd District Supervisor is the best decision you will make in 2016."
    John Burnaby
  • "Joan Hartmann is committed to working with us to protect the history and character of our communities, whether large or small, and to improving the safety or our neighborhoods and roads. Please join us in supporting Joan Hartmann for Supervisor."
    Carole & Jeffrey Bloom
    Los Alamos