Election Day is March 3, 2020. Voting by mail begins February 3.

“As your Supervisor, I have demonstrated my ability to take a balanced, pragmatic approach, and worked collaboratively with people throughout the County to get things done!”

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I’ve spent my life making government more responsive to the people it serves.

As your Supervisor, I hold regular office hours throughout the district and work hard to address your concerns.

I have demonstrated my ability to take a balanced, pragmatic approach and engage with people collaboratively throughout the County to get things done!

Despite the recent natural disasters, my colleagues on the Board and I have fully restored the Rainy-Day Fund and the County’s financial picture is the strongest since the 2008 economic crisis. We have advanced innovative mental health and homeless services, criminal justice reforms, and programs for children and families.

The County is taking significant strides towards increased water and energy sustainability and, working with key agencies—SBCAG, CHP, and CalTrans—we are improving highway safety throughout the Third District.

Along with expanded parks, trails, and coastal access to promote public health and community wellbeing, I successfully advocated for libraries, community and senior centers.

The hallmark of my office is responsiveness. Please share your ideas with me. Working together we can make a positive difference in our communities and our County.

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