Joan Hartmann for Supervisor is endorsed by the following organizations. This list is growing every day, please check frequently for additional endorsements. If you would like to join this list please contact us by clicking here. 

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Congressmember Salud Carbajal
State Senator Monique Limon
Assemblymember Gregg Hart
County Supervisor Laura Capps
County Supervisor Das Williams
District Attorney John Savrnoch
County Auditor-Controller Betsy M. Schaffer, CPA
County Treasurer Harry Hagen
Goleta Mayor Paula Perotte
Guadalupe Mayor Ariston Julian
Solvang Mayor Mark Infanti
Buellton City Council Member Hudson Hornick
Buellton City Councilmember Elysia Lewis
Buellton City Councilmember David Silva
Solvang City Councilmember Liz Orona
Lompoc City Councilmember Jeremy Ball
Goleta City Councilmember Stuart Kasdin
Goleta City Councilmember James Kyriaco
Goelta City Councilmember Luz Reyes-Martin
Goleta City Councilmember Kyle Richards
Goleta Water Board Member Lauren Hanson

College School District Trustee Peter Wright
Lompoc School Board Member Janet Blevins
Santa Maria Joint Union High School District Board Member Alma Hernández
SB Unified School Board Member Rose Muñoz
Santa Barbara City Councilmember Eric Friedman
Santa Barbara City Councilmember Michael Jordan
Santa Barbara City Councilmember Oscar Gutierrez
Santa Maria City Councilmember Gloria Soto

Former Congressmember Lois Capps
Former Third District Supervisor Bill Wallace
Former Third District Supervisor Gail Marshall
Former Third District Supervisor Doreen Farr
Former Second District Supervisor Janet Wolf
Former First District Supervisor Frank Frost
Former District Attorney Joyce Dudley
Former County Superintendent of Schools Bill Cirone
Goleta Former Mayor Margaret Connell
Santa Barbara Former Mayor Sheila Lodge
Lompoc Former Mayor Joyce Howerton
Lompoc Former City Councilmember Jan Keller
Lompoc Former City Councilmember Cecilia Martner

(partial list)

F.A.N.S. of Goleta
Society of Fearless Grandmothers

Dolores Huerta
Leah Stokes, Anton Vonk Associate Professor, UCSB
Jon “Bowzer” Bauman, President Social Security Works PAC
Hon. Frank J. Ochoa (Ret.)
Jay Freeman,
President, SB County Chapter, CA Special Districts Association

Keif Adler
David Atkins
Dennis Allen & Jennifer Cushnie
Terry Atterury
Susan Ashbrook & Derek McLeish
Gerardo Ayala
Kate Baker
Esther Jacobsen Bates & Mark Bates
Peg Beebe
Carol Benham
Robert Bernstein
Larry Bishop
Charlie Blair
Janet Blevins & Gary Smith
Vicki Blum & David Lebell
Kit & Beverly Boise-Cossart
BL Borovay
Karen & Peter Brill
John & Sharon Broberg
Chris & Marell Brooks
Michael S. Brown
Leslie Bhutani
Rinaldo & Lalla Brutoco
John & Pamela Bury
Katherine Carmichael
Phil & Dianne Channing
Jo Anne & Howard Chase
Bill & Barbara Cirone
Pat & Wynn Clevenger
Jack Clymer
Joseph Cole
Marcia R. Cohen
Leah Combs
Irene C. Cooke
Scott Cooper
Robert Coronado
Patrick Costello
Rachel Couch
Susan Cristol-Deacon & Jim Deacon
Ann Daniel
Aria-Vue Daugherty
Deborah David
Jean & Dave Davis
Katie Davis
Yasmine Dawson
Jill Dexter
Steven DeLira
Anna deLaski
Art Dossey, LCSW
Suzanne Duca
Laurece Dworet
Maureen & Dave Ellenberger
Dan A. Emmett
Denise El Amin
Elizabeth Farnum
Netti Ferreira
Richard Flacks
The Flores Family
Jared Ficker & Jen Gamble
Jill Finsten
Peter Ford
Terry Forss
Carla Frisk
Frank & Amanda Frost
Christine Garvey
Pam Gates
Alice Gillaroo
Peggy Gee
Daniel & Mary Gosselin
Katy Graham
Hod & Laraine Gray
Jane Gray
Barbara & Jon Greenleaf

Ron & Diane Griffin
Terry Hammond
Craig Harris/Harris Gaviota Farm
Beverly Herbert
Lee Heller
Cheryl Herman
Alan Hersh
Priscilla Higgins
Sherry Holland
Kathy Howard
Mary Howe-Grant
Alfred Howerton
Ashley Jacobs
Sandy Jankowski-Rose
Leigh Johnson
Susan Jorgensen
Jean Kaplan
Alex Katz
John Keane
Dr. Paula Kislak, DVM
Elizabeth Koch
Linda Krop
Jeff & Wendie Kruthers
Maribel Landeros
Eric Lane
Teresa Laursen
Carson Link
Jefferson Litten
Dwight & Kimberly Lowell
Deborah Longstaff Lynch
Mila Maden
Professor Paasha Mahdavi
Dan Mally
Jan Mally
Brett Marchi
Phil McKenna
John McManus
Steve Nelson
Charles Newman
Mark & Donna Oliver
Gail Osherenko
Deni Overton
John & Marilyn Parke
Mark & Eileen Preston
Stan Roden
Russell Radom
Arlene & Ravid Raphael
George Relles
Kathy Relis
Claudette Roehrig
Kelly Rose
Mary Rose
Tom Scafide
Beth Schneider
Eric Schwartz
Georgie Scully
Raymond Segovia, Jr.
Trudy Smith
Kevin & Sheila Snow
Patricia & Bill Stark
Seth Steiner
Karen Steinwachs
Cliff Solomon
Steve & Nancy Straight
Frank Thompson
Carrie Topliffe
Sue Turner-Cray
Jean Silva
Jim Vollaro
Robert Wachman
Mary Walsh
Mr. Warnstrom
Ann & Cecil Widdifield
Pamme Mickelson & Steve Windhager
Marcus Wilkins
Patrick & Donna Will
Laurie Wright
Oran Young
Daniel Yukelson
Sergio A. Zepeda

(Partial List)

What People Say About Joan Hartmann

Joan has been an effective leader who continuously focuses on the good of the community. She works in partnership with community members, local and regional leaders to deliver community outcomes for our county.

Monique Limón, State Senator

The people of Santa Barbara are better off because of Joan’s exemplary leadership. I am strongly supporting her re-election not only because she is a tremendously valuable and compassionate colleague from whom I learn a great deal, but because we all need her experienced and steady hand to guide our county into the future. Joan’s integrity is impeccable. Everyday I have the pleasure of seeing her commitment to the values we hold dear: building more cohesive communities, a sustainable future, protecting open spaces and advocating for those who need it most. I endorse her whole-heartedly.

Laura Capps, County Supervisor 2nd District

Supervisor Joan Hartmann is a tireless fighter for all of Goleta’s residents. She works hard every day to protect Goleta’s important agricultural lands and the Gaviota Coast. She is a leader on addressing climate change and fire resiliency.

Paula Perotte, Mayor of Goleta

I strongly support Joan Hartmann’s re-election because she has a proven record of working to preserve our agricultural resources in the Goleta Valley. I trust her to continue listening, and to be responsive to the needs of our community.

James Kyriaco, Goleta City Councilmember

Joan is an exceptional leader with a proven commitment to our county’s well-being. She understands the diverse nature of our county and considers all voices when making decisions.

Elysia Lewis, Buellton City Council

Supervisor Hartmann has helped to strengthen our safety net, supported our seniors and veterans, and has been a solid partner in achieving a more resilient and caring community here in the Santa Ynez Valley.

David Silva, Buellton City Councilmember

Supervisor Hartmann has been a driving force for Lompoc since the County’s 3rd District shifted to include the entire city. Her independent thinking and respectful engagement with all viewpoints, even those she politically disagrees with, are truly commendable. She sees Lompoc’s immense potential and works relentlessly to realize it. A passionate advocate for the renaissance of our old downtown, Joan has used her extensive network to garner significant attention and resources for the area. Her efforts have attracted millions in state and foundation funding, revitalizing the downtown theater district and supporting youth violence prevention programs, all while attentively addressing the diverse needs of our community residents.

Jeremy Ball, Lompoc City Councilmember

Joan Hartmann is continuously working to make our neighborhoods safer. Supervisor Hartmann has been at the forefront of efforts to reduce crime, enhance public safety, and provide criminal justice services in an effective, timely, fair, and cost-efficient manner. During her time in office, the County has opened the state-of-the art north branch jail, increased funding for diversion and alternative justice programs aimed at reducing recidivism, and approved a complex criminal discovery system which will reduce County costs and assure that criminal trials can be heard in a timely manner.

John Savrnoch, District Attorney

Joan Hartmann helped balance the budget, restore our emergency reserves, and plan for future capital improvements and replacements, in a fiscally conservative manner.

Harry Hagen, County Treasurer

Joan Hartmann is one of the finest elected officials in the County. Her integrity, work ethic, and positive agenda make her a great asset on the Board of Supervisors.

Dr. Lanny Ebenstein, Past President, SB Board of Education

Since Joan Hartman has taken over Lompoc as part of the 3rd Santa Barbara County Supervisorial District she has been very involved in Lompoc and very visible in our community.  She is making a difference.  It is my pleasure to endorse her.

Alice Milligan, Lompoc Unified School District Associate Superintendent Retired

Please join us in supporting Joan for re-election. Her stellar track record is a testament to her determination and resourcefulness. She has proved to be outstandingly qualified to take action on a range of issues from homelessness to renewable energy to the protection of our open spaces. She has vision with a think-out-of-the-box attitude. She has strong convictions yet knows how to be a team player to get results. She is a dynamo with a big heart for animals and the community.

Dwight & Kimberly Lowell

Joan’s vision and hard work are making a local impact in addressing climate change. She advocated for the development of a clean energy battery storage facility in Goleta, which is helping to make the polluting Peaker Plant obsolete. She helped clear the last hurdles to make the development of the Strauss Wind Power project near Lompoc a reality. Looking ahead, she’s focused on creating a Virtual Power Plant for the South Coast to ensure our power supply, especially during disasters.

Dr. Leah Stokes, Professor of Climate and Energy Policy

I’ve been a Lompoc resident prior to Joan being the representative for my district. The previous representative would make an appearance every now and then…Joan is a constant presence. I see her at various community events, connecting with all her constituents. She seems to really care about our needs and open to collaborating and thinking outside the box to help all Lompoc residents have a safer and healthier community. I appreciate her sincere interest and approachability. When I don’t know which door to knock on, I’ve knocked on hers and she’s always answered.

Maribel Landeros

Joan has my endorsement because she does the right thing for the right reason. Her decisions show due diligence, common sense, and compassion

Betsy M. Schaffer, CPA, Auditor-Controller, County of Santa Barbara