Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

The 3rd District Choice

By Seth Steiner, Los Alamos
Santa Barbara Independent, Jan 25, 2020

During Bruce Porter’s previous attempt to become 3rd District supervisor, I attended some of his public events. They were tightly controlled appearances where his credentials were recited, but he took few questions. His campaign office does not return phone calls. And just last week, Porter was the only candidate who chose not even to appear at a lively forum for voters. Is that a sign of respect and commitment?

In contrast, since being elected as supervisor, Joan Hartmann has been eminently approachable on any matter that concerned me or my neighbors. She has held countless townhall-like gatherings throughout the district, making herself available to listen and respond to all questions.

The job of county supervisor is an important one. Further, the District 3 Supervisor has often cast the tie-breaking vote on matters that affect the quality of our lives and the balancing of our budget. Joan Hartmann has proven that she takes the role seriously and devotes her time, energy and considerable experience to it. She has a proven record of leadership in advancing public health, the safety of our roads and neighborhoods, disaster response, and water-wise policies.

Total compensation for the position is over $100,000 a year. Isn’t this enough to ensure that a supervisor is financially able to give full time and attention to it?

Still, after four years, Porter will not pledge to leave his private job as financial advisor to the wealthy to give more than part-time to the taxpayers of the county he would have pay his salary.

Vote Joan Hartmann

By Carole Bloom, Los Alamos
Santa Barbara Independent, Jan 29, 2020

Please join me in voting for Joan Hartmann in the upcoming election for 3rd District Supervisor.
I have known Joan for several years and have found her to be a caring, compassionate, intelligent woman, willing to listen to all sides of an issue.

Joan has reached out to residents here in Los Alamos to hear our concerns and offer creative solutions.
Her involvement in our community, through monthly public meetings and attendance and support of our community events shows that she is a woman of service and integrity, who truly wants the best for Los Alamos and all the communities she serves.

She has established a clear track record of supporting local business and creating an environment to encourage business development.

Joan has represented the 3rd District with distinction, often taking on projects and completing tasks behind the scenes without any fanfare or notoriety. I know she will continue to serve the with the same passion and dedication that has been a hallmark of her professional life.

It’s vital that we vote our values, so I’ll be voting to re-elect Joan Hartmann. She’s been an effective advocate for us all.

Joan Hartmann: Wonder Woman

By Gail Marshall, Carpinteria
Santa Barbara Independent, Jan 30, 2020

I think 3rd District Supervisor Joan Hartmann is one of our local Wonder Women.

The vast district includes the urban centers of Goleta, Isla Vista and Guadalupe, the Gaviota Coast, our bountiful agricultural lands, Vandenberg Air Force Base, and the Santa Ynez Valley. It is the largest and the most challenging district due to its sheer size, great diversity of constituencies and enterprises.
Joan Hartmann’s performance in office represents everything a public servant should be. She is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to meeting not only her constituents’ needs but also the needs of residents and local businesses countywide.

Given her core belief that we succeed when we work together, it’s no surprise that she gets along well with all her supervisor colleagues as well as the rank and file county employees. Joan demonstrates her commitment to responsiveness and openness by being available — in addition to holding office hours in three offices, she holds monthly pop-up office hours throughout her district.

Having served as 3rd District Supervisor for eight years, I know that it is hard work. Joan’s success in meeting our challenges head on is due to her high level of energy, intelligence and integrity. I am proud to support her and strongly urge you to re-elect Joan Hartmann for Supervisor this March 3.

Joan Hartmann Delivers

By Christopher Brooks, Vandenberg Village
Santa Barbara Independent, Feb 02, 2020

Our 3rd District county supervisor, Joan Hartmann, is a highly responsive representative for local interests. When the Vandenberg Village Community Services District asked if she could get county permission for us to drill some test water wells on county property, she helped us out. We asked and she delivered.

As a veteran, I suggested to her that she should reduce county park fees for veterans at state parks. I asked and she delivered. Joan’s father was a soldier in Korea, who succumbed to injuries received in theater; this may help to explain her deep commitment to veteran’s needs.

Joan has been very attentive to the Vandenberg Village community, participating in the Route 1 Farmers Market, addressing community concerns about a proposed clinic, and working with local advocates to create plans for a local park and playground. She has held office hours each month and sponsored local hikes. She attends many community functions and has hosted a number of well-attended forums on fire safety and road improvements. She also helped to bring over $2 million for Burton Mesa fire prevention work. She delivers for our community.

Grounded by an inquiring mind and sharp intellect, her leadership skills are an enormous asset to Santa Barbara County and help her navigate the day-to-day and longer-range challenges on the horizon. We are fortunate to have her working on our behalf.

Hartmann and the ‘Silver Tsunami’

By Kelly B. Gray, Los Olivos
Santa Barbara Independent, Feb 03, 2020

Supervisor Joan Hartmann recently met with residents at Atterdag Village, where she shared her plan to address the “Silver Tsunami” affecting Santa Barbara County. I serve on the Atterdag Village Board and am grateful for Supervisor Hartmann’s knowledge of and commitment to addressing the needs of this growing population. Indeed, the senior population in California will double in 10 years!

As chair of the Adult & Aging Network, Supervisor Hartmann conducted a study on the increasing need to provide transportation for seniors for medical appointments, shopping, and enabling seniors to participate in social and entertainment opportunities — leading to a Community Partners in Caring Program. As she has pointed out, Solvang’s median age is 32 percent higher than the state average — and our community needs to prepare for and serve that reality.

A natural collaborator, Supervisor Hartmann networks with local forums to bring to Santa Barbara County experts to address planning for retirement and the importance of nutrition, fitness, and social opportunities for seniors. I have spoken with seniors who wish to stay in their homes or are unable to afford senior retirement communities. Supervisor Hartmann knows that meeting the physical, emotional, and financial needs of seniors requires routine monitoring of health issues and oversight of caregivers to protect our seniors from elder abuse and financial scams. She has also worked on issues such as long term leases for senior centers, to allow improvements, and on outreach and cooling centers for seniors affected by power shutoffs as well.

Supervisor Hartmann has my vote!

Joan Hartmann for 3rd District

By Judith Dale, Buellton
Santa Maria Times, Feb 06, 2020

As a daughter who took care of aging parents until their passing, I saw first-hand how dedicated Joan Hartmann is to our senior citizens. Joan worked closely with the staff of the Solvang Senior Center to secure a long-term lease so the Center could stay in its present location.

She is currently doing the same for the Buellton Senior Center, which is located on a County Fire Department site. Talk of moving the Center to a different location proved very unpopular with seniors and Buellton residents, who want the Center stay in its present convenient, central location. Joan helped negotiate a long-term lease for the current Center. She even arranged for the fire department to provide electricity during a power outage, so it can serve as a warming center and food distribution site in an emergency.

In addition, Joan currently chairs the Adult and Aging Network that is developing a Master Plan for Seniors in response to Gov. Newsom’s Initiative. This will determine future policies and procedures for Santa Barbara County seniors for year to come.

In addition to supporting seniors, Joan also chairs the K.I.D.s Policy Network and is the alternate for the County’s First Five Children and Families Commission. She also has promoted policies to ensure the libraries in the County can continue to offer hours, services, and programs to all citizens.

I strongly urge you to support Joan Hartmann on March 3rd. She truly is dedicated to providing critical services to the citizens of Santa Barbara County.

Hartmann works for fire safety

By Ann Glasgow, Lompoc
Santa Maria Times, Feb 07 2020

Many of us in District 3 are concerned about safety. Due to recent fires and floods, many people want to know what their county supervisor is doing to protect our community. As you consider voting on March 3, you should know that Joan Hartmann has been hard at work to reduce the risk of threats from fire.

Joan was instrumental in helping secure a CalFire grant for the Lompoc Valley Fuel Reduction Project. It includes roadside fuel reduction along Harris Grade, Rucker and Burton Mesa roads, dead tree clearing within La Purisima Mission State Park, and an 18-mile fuel treatment area from Vandenberg Air Force Base to the outskirts of Buellton. This is a four-year project developed by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department and worth over $2 million dollars. It will go a long way towards helping to reduce fires in a significant area of the district.

Joan makes fire safety a top community priority. She has traveled to Washington, D.C. to advocate for disaster planning resources for our county, and has organized multiple fire safety meetings that included the Mission Hills Community Council, Vandenberg Village Association and Santa Barbara County Fire Department, to share information and elevate awareness.

Joan has made it clear that she will continue to work to make us safer. Please support her efforts by voting for her re-election.

Joan Hartmann for Isla Vista’s 3rd

By Pegeen Soutar, Isla Vista
Santa Barbara Independent, Feb 10, 2020

As a longtime Isla Vista resident and advocate for parks, recreation, and open-space, I’m proud to support the re-election of Joan Hartmann as 3rd District County Supervisor.

Joan has been a true leader in supporting parks and our access to them. She persuaded her board colleagues to support a Countywide Parks Master Plan, and hosted a countywide summit on parks and open-space, where city and special district stakeholders learned about potential funding opportunities to improve our parks and recreation opportunities. And opening very soon, the Baron Ranch Trail, will provide seven-days a week, breathtakingly scenic coast-to-crest trail hiking on the Gaviota Coast.

We are fortunate to live on the south coast of Santa Barbara County, where we have hundreds of miles of trails and access to many beautiful parks. Joan thinks about those who have less access to open space, addressing the fact that there are only 12 miles of accessible trails in the northern part of Santa Barbara County. Determined to change this, she has supported funding for park improvements and trail development throughout the 3rd District.

Here in Isla Vista, she has been a strong partner and supporter of the Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District. Her efforts have strengthened our collaborative relationship with the county. She’s improved safety in Isla Vista parks and access to our beaches. For these reasons and more, I’m proud to support the re-election of Joan Hartmann for Supervisor.

Porter Mailer Misleads

By France Komoroske, Santa Ynez
Santa Barbara Independent, Feb 10, 2020

I recently received a mailer exhorting me to “vote against Joan Hartmann.” I wasn’t advised who I was supposed to vote for in the 3rd District election for county supervisor. However, in tiny letters I found the source: “Paid for by Porter for Supervisor.” Perhaps Bruce Porter was reluctant to ask people to vote for him because of his misleading statements.

Porter’s mailer claims that Hartmann broke a promise about the Vista Del Mar School, causing its financial difficulties. He footnotes his claim, but his source cites as causes a combination of the Refugio Oil Spill and state changes in education funding, issues over which Hartmann has no control. Then, without any authority, he contends that the negotiations over Camp 4 diverted tax money from education to the general fund. Sorry, wrong there too.

Next, Porter contends that Hartmann broke some promise about cannabis. Again, Porter’s citation doesn’t support his statement, and instead states that the county benefitted by an extra $1.2 million in revenue from cannabis operations. He wrongly contends that Hartmann allowed cannabis into the county without restrictions; Joan Hartmann has, in fact, fought diligently to regulate the industry.

Third, Porter asserts that Hartmann broke a promise about infrastructure, resulting in unsafe parks, bridges, and roads. Yet again, Porter cites a document that doesn’t support his contention, the County Road Maintenance Plan. In fact, Hartmann has consistently voted to fund deferred maintenance of county infrastructure.

If you value honesty and integrity in government over lies and innuendo, please join me in voting to re-elect Joan Hartmann.



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