SB County Firefighters Endorse Joan Hartmann

SB Independent Endorses Hartmann
October 6, 2016
The Nexus Endorses Joan Hartmann
November 4, 2016

SB County Firefighters Endorse Joan Hartmann

The Santa Barbara County Firefighters Association has voted to endorse Joan Hartmann for County Supervisor in the 3rd District.

Tyler Gilliam, President of the Firefighters Association, said that after interviewing the candidates, Joan Hartmann emerged as an excellent proponent of public safety. “Joan Hartmann understands the complexities of modern firefighting, which includes a wide variety of skills, including emergency medical response, complex building fires, hazardous materials spills, swift water rescue, and the logistics of coordinating massive regional resources to attack wildland fires,” Gilliam stated. “She is committed to maintaining and improving our County’s first-rate emergency and safety services, and impressed us with her ability to quickly understand the complexities of modern emergency response, and our extensive training and equipment needs.”

Gilliam stressed that Hartmann is not a newcomer to emergency response. She has completed Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training, and is a member of her rural neighborhood’s Emergency Preparedness Committee. He noted that she would like to see these efforts expanded throughout the County and integrated more closely with those of first responders.

Gilliam noted firefighters are ready to risk their lives for you every day. They are ready to address not only fires, but medical emergencies and natural disasters. “Joan will be a champion of quality fire and emergency medical services. She will listen to the community’s concerns, work hard, and make decisions that put your safety and the safety of your neighbors first,” Gilliam concluded.